Latest EP

I released another EP. “Livin’ Lovina Local” it’s available now on Spotify and others. It’s the work of hardware. I bought my first synth, a Roland MC-101 and it’s at the pinnacle of dance music right now. I wanted to strike while the iron was hot. I was thinking about continuing the hardware angle when I can. It’s more expressive to play songs in and record them rather than be slave to a computer and mouse. The work on the latest EP is the best yet I would say, it’s the result of around 15 years experience in electronic music. Every note has been carefully chosen, every step. Into the music, it’s got 3 bangers, 2 vocal / sampled tracks and a downbeat experiment. It’s made without a computer. With the group of people who operate “dawless” is how I’m going to roll and off into the sunset.

The latest EP cover.

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Quality adult, EDM producer, normal stuff, fitness and investments.

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