This happened

This dropped. 10 tracks I’ve produced 2022. My go to “anything” style cover whatever I’m drawn to. I didn’t want tracks to go stale and I still haven’t over listened to them. However 10 tracks were produced this year. I did an email blitz with “play mpe” and I have the 10 wavs waiting to print. All sorts of other fun stuff. I will make some new graphics for the print runs and I’ll pass them out for what I call “bromotions” just fun giveaways. Living QLD (south east) another roof and job on that list. Really need to gain stability, the job is good just need gun it straight through. I have been reliable, the people handling me have not. Game after game, and you know the causes of things the usual suspects, music style reputation, relations, jealousy breed envy I got a lot of that too ;). You get so smooth and the hating start. 😱. Let 2023 be your best yet ⬆️.

Published by trikyofficial

Quality adult, EDM producer, normal stuff, fitness and investments.

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