Album is otw to stores!

The latest album is otw to stores, it’s full length, a lot went into it, my best so far I reckon it’s got a good variety and it will remain like that until the flavours gone 😉 it’s getting submitted to basically every radio station in Australia. So there’s a lot of values behind the project. Transparency is one of them. I’m using to service to Australian radio. It comes across as one of the only legitimate promo services in the whole industry that is filled with scams and cons. All proceeds go to community services. I view it all as art, one piece differs from another neither better or worse. It’s all music. The creativity and passion is valued more than dollar budget equipment like expensive synths and rented studio treatments. However after experimenting with one end of the spectrum on “Teddy Bubble” I wanted to achieve a marriage of technique and business investments. You can’t buy talent, a good physique or character. Peace ✌️

Live jam!

New news 😁

First full length in 6 years.

So I’ve been churning out new music, I had to make and adjustment to my PT certificate and that’s been deferred. The tunes are on my soundcloud you can get the link in about.

Stuff on the horizon I want to make some top 10 timeout style lists for this website just for material and something to do. Just about getting out in Sydney best burgers, cocktails and others.

Latest Release + little update 💥

So this EP is out now and there’s a little mailbox drop coming out tomorrow morning! If you checked my site in relation to my submission, firstly thanks for that and secondly give it a spin or let’s collab 😎🎶. The EP has been out a week and has been picking up “Shazam’s” and I uploaded a little Facebook live video of what I’ve been doing creative wise. In other news I’m studying a fitness course in an effort to get a job in a new industry. Stay safe guys hope you come out the other side of the pandemic strong and well placed. Think positive 😁