What’s happening in the future for Triky?

What’s in store for Triky? Well I have around 4 more months time off, I’m doing a body of writing. I’m not sure if I’ll make enough words to class it as an autobiography but eventually I will print, illustrate and make a coffee table piece with it. Hard cover, full glossy. To compliment the writing I’ll do a special playlist printed on vinyl, tape, CD and USB.

I definitely want to collect more hardware, as I wrote elsewhere I want to go down the “dawless” path. I need to stay fit and write tunes often, maintain online pages, give time to my wife and do all of the normal stuff too.

Above is a proposed cover idea for my special release playlist.

Latest EP

I released another EP. “Livin’ Lovina Local” it’s available now on Spotify and others. It’s the work of hardware. I bought my first synth, a Roland MC-101 and it’s at the pinnacle of dance music right now. I wanted to strike while the iron was hot. I was thinking about continuing the hardware angle when I can. It’s more expressive to play songs in and record them rather than be slave to a computer and mouse. The work on the latest EP is the best yet I would say, it’s the result of around 15 years experience in electronic music. Every note has been carefully chosen, every step. Into the music, it’s got 3 bangers, 2 vocal / sampled tracks and a downbeat experiment. It’s made without a computer. With the group of people who operate “dawless” is how I’m going to roll and off into the sunset.

The latest EP cover.

Triky Official is back!

I took some time to recollect, I am not working right now, self funded long stay overseas. I am working every day on a lot of things, there’s daily chores, cooking, shopping etc. I stay on top of fitness and sunning myself, then there’s my music production which is undergoing re arrangements as we speak. I’m re approaching the book which I’ll publish here when it’s 100% done. Let’s do it!